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About Paul  Smith

One of my favorite quotes is "Argue for your limitations and sure enough, they're yours." by R. Bach. In 1996 I inherited my father’s old table saw but, ironically, I was convinced that I was not good at woodworking. Plus I had a demanding career in the semiconductor industry and felt I did not have time to even attempt to learn how to use the saw so it sat idle.


After I retired in early 2006 and with a great deal of trepidation, I decided that out of respect for my father, I should dust off and clean up the old saw and try my hand at making a jar opener he once made. Much to my great surprise I had a lot of fun making them and realized I could actually learn how to do more complicated woodworking projects.


Most of my initial learning was self-taught by reading woodworking books and magazines. Unfortunately my woodworking journey was interrupted for most of 2007 due to a major injury resulting in having two titanium rods in my lower back. It was interrupted again in late 2008 because of open-heart surgery to have a valve replaced. I now tell people that I had new rods installed and a valve job.


During Santa Cruz Open Studios in October 2010, I had the great fortune of meeting an amazing local artist by the name of Mike Shuler and began taking wood turning lessons from him in early 2011. He has been an absolutely outstanding mentor has opened my mind to learning all the creative things one can do with wood. I absolutely love woodworking and my goal is to bring some beauty and joy into other people’s lives. 

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